About Oregon Mines

Oregon Mines is a special purpose data center created by crypto-currency miners for other miners.  We are a full service, full lifecycle host of ASIC, GPU, and CPU mining equipment.

Successful mining involves much more than just placing a miner on a rack and plugging it in.  Our full service hosting fees include set-up, monitoring, small repairs, reboots, cleaning, and reinstallation of firmware when needed.

Maintaining the proper operating temperature range for each type of miner year-round is essential. Our center utilizes high volume ventilation, passive evaporative cooling, active passive evaporative cooling, and mechanical air-conditioning to create the ideal conditions for maximizing miner efficiency.

We support our clients during the entire economic life of their equipment.  This includes assistance in acquiring miners, discounts on power supplies warrantied during their stay with Oregon Mines, selecting a pool, constant monitoring to assure hashing rates are optimized, under-clocking, and finally obtaining the best sales price for machines that are no longer profitable.  There is an active market for buying older equipment by foreign buyers in countries with low, subsidized electricity and also for those who do not directly pay for incremental electrical use (such as students in dormitories, people living with their parents, and tenants in apartments where rent includes electricity).

Our hosting rates are competitive and the standard contract is month-to-month.  We do offer discounts for longer term contracts and prepayments. However, Oregon Mines doesn’t compete on cost alone but instead on maximizing our clients’ mining profits.  We are happy working with new miners to help them navigate the complications involved with wallets, pools, and equipment selection.